Wallis Bingo Games


Experience the best of bingo classics- 90 ball and 75 ball bingo. We have plenty of grand jackpots in both the bingo games for you to have a fun-filled journey with us.


Loads of fun await you at Wallis Bingo.


90 Ball bingo


The UK originated bingo game is the oldest and the most popular version to be played in the UK, as well as in Australia and various parts of Europe and South America.


This particular bingo game follows a 9 x 3 grid, which contains 5 numbers and 4 blanks in each row. Each strip contains 6 bingo tickets and each ticket features 15 numbers which sums up to 90 in a strip.


In every 90 ball bingo game players are given three chances to win: one line, two lines and full house. By getting one whole horizontal row right a bingo player can be a one line winner, similarly a bingo player with two horizontal lines is a two line winner. And finally who marks the full house first is a full house winner.


75 Ball Bingo


The classic 75 ball bingo or pattern bingo is another interesting game which was originated in the U.S. but is hugely popular in Canada and the UK.


This bingo game follows a 5 x 5 grid, but contains only 24 numbers as the center square remains free. This game aims a coverall full house and also offers an exciting twist of getting a bingo pattern right. The pattern is complete once all the numbers in that particular pattern is called out.


It is slightly faster than the 90 ball game but it provides the same amount of fun and prizes.